Quilling After Cramming

Hello people! How was your day? Mine was not too fabulous.
I'm still in Shah Alam with my fellow hummingbirds. Its been 3 days since my final exam ended.And my work load hasn't seem to be decreasing. Final year project+Paperwork+Mock-crime scene.
By the way, I wanna share few things that I've been doing since the finals ended. I've google few blogs and stumble into this blog. It's about paper craft called quilling. I have been so tempted by the simpleness and the colours.  So I decided to do one for mom's birthday card. I watched couple of tutorial video on Youtube. You can watch it right hereSince its my first attempt to do this, don't expect an extravagant one. Plus, I had limited source. It took me 2 hours to made it,from scratch. 

I considered my work was okay for an amateur.

I'm actually looking forward to making more of these. And I am dying to go home. I miss baking! I thought I am so over cupcakes,but after days of google-ing for dessert recipes,I always find myself staring at the cupcakes recipes for hours. So I'm gonna start to bake it again, together with all those recipes I've been bundling. Hooray! Wish I had the time. Remember last semester break? I seriously don't want that. Where I'm always out and not home. I wanna be in my bed, in my room,with my books and the breezing air blowing from my window. And its mom birthday this weekend,so being here has sort of limited my sense of freedom-ness from planning mom's birthday party.

I have also upload new pics on my facebook. Thanks to the constant badgering of my colleagues. Their pics are like 40% from the total pics on my phone. Therefore you'll find most pics are with their picture on it,not mine. 

I've also made the cake+menus+dessert selection for the birthday party. Once I got home,I need to settle the invites and went shopping for my baking materials. Owh, did I tell you my new maid can make bread crumbs,seriously. Mom told me on the phone that she make a croquette-alike,with prawn filling for mom's teatime. Mom thought that she'd used my baking stuff, then she said no,she made it herself. Now I envied her. Haha.

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by.


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  1. Love your quilling work! I've just linked to it in my blog here: http://thecumulusfactory.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/to-market/


    Adina ☁