Bangkok-MakanFest Trip 2015

Don't you just love the colour spread?

Hello peeps!

Went to Bangkok for my own Makan-Fest Trip during my Merdeka holidays

Here are the snippets of that I need to jot down for future references ;)

  •      Don’t buy souvenir from the floating market or the main tourist area. I bought mine on the streets near Nana BTS station, along Soi10 and 11. You can get 5 fridge magnets for 150 baht, 3 mini purse for 100 baht
  •      The After You Dessert café is most famous dessert shop in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok. They will have a 10-15 mins queue to get in. Once you’re there, they’ll give you a number and inform you when your table is ready. Tried the Shibuya Honey Toast and it was simply magnificent!

Shibuya Honey Toast
After You Dessert Cafe- G floor, Siam Paragon
  •      The best lady boy show ever is Calypso Cabaret, which will cost you 1200 baht, which include hotel transfers. YOU SHOULD GO. Period.
  •      We stayed at the Galleria Sukhumvit Hotel in Soi 10. Had been rated 8 by and it was really a decent hotel. Good hospitality with strategic location and comfortable room. 10 mins walk to Nana BTS Station
  •      Had dinner in Kram Thai Kitchen in Soi 39. We took a cab from our hotel, which cost 70 baht one-way. Tried the White Tom Yam and few other dishes. Verdict 4/5.

  •      Went to floating market using tour that my friend pre book online. Cost 550 baht per person, including hotel transfers.  The tour fetches us at 7 am and we’re on our hotel bed by 2 pm. At the floating market, you’ll have to pay extra 40 baht for a boat ride along the boat-floating market. On the boat ride, you can buy of food and souvenirs from the other boats. We had grill squid, mango sticky rice, seafood noodle, and seafood pad thai, grill banana and of course Thai Ice Tea! Yup, all we bought was food, food and food. You also get to see the village where they lived in.

Partner in crime

  •      One of the most hipster café in Bangkok was the Casa Lapin. They have 4 outlets around the city. Went to Casa Lapin XAree for breakfast. The next day went to Casa Lapin Phloen Chit for lunch. Tasty food, inventive iced tea drinks, calming décor and great song selection.
  • Casa Lapin X Aree

Breakfast in Casa Lapin X Aree

Casa Lapin Phloen Chit

Lunch in session at Casa Lapin Phloen Chit

Casa Lapin Phloen Chit

Casa Lapin Phloen Chit

Casa Lapin Phloen Chit
  •       Paid 500 baht for an entry to Grand Palace. Definitely worth it. You can see that all the buildings in the compound were so grand! They had bells hanging at the roof edge and when the wind blows it rings. Makes me want to have them for my own house one day.
Side view along Chao Phraya boat cruise

In one the temple compound. 
One of the temple in the Grand palace

Where we had our lunch that day. Had Garlic fried squid and white rice for 40 baht

  •       Wat Arun was under construction, Wat Pho was majestic, and Chao Phraya River boat tour was so-so. We took the Chao Phraya riverboat from the Saphan Taksin BTS station to Tha Maharaj Pier  (Pier 9) for grand palace, temples, giant Buddha statue, and Bangkok national museum, cost 40 baht single journey. The journey back using Chao Phraya Express Boat Company at the Tha Maharaj Pier is 14 baht!
  •        Went to Siam Paragon mall, the ground floor is dedicated for the food freak like me! The entire floor just filled with one word, F.O.O.D.You can find from tom yam to all the Thai’s traditional dessert, Japanese curry house, halal Indian food, sushi, fast food, starbucks, iBERRY gelato, cakes, selection of noodles, meat barbequed street-style, bibimbap and even French brassiere and an English tearoom.

  •        Chatuchak market. They sell all kinds of fashion for male and female clothes, Thailand souvenirs, guys and ladies accessories. Get your money packed and just laid it out here please because its super cheap. You can get a pastel colour-chiffon dress as cheap as 250 baht and t-shirt for 100 baht. And of course street food galore. Was too busy munching , didn't have time to snap food pics. We had sangkaya (coconut ice cream in coconut), rojak buah, air kelapa, fried cuttlefish, and of course grill squid. (had so many squid on that tour, dah tak boleh telan da sotong lepas tu)  

A quick post!

The delightful Affogato with gula melaka ice cream and cotton candy in Whimsical Cafe,Publika

Its been awhile.
I have been meaning to share about my jet lag story since I came back but haven't got the time to do so. 
So we'll pass on that.

In short, 
my few months has been full and almost hectic.
I was home for 2 months and now I already start working! 
 So what I did during my 2 month staying at home was:

1. Went to lots of cafe to try out their brew and desserts. 
Some were a winner  and some was a shame

2. Went for a full medical check up and everything was determine "clear" for me. 
Phew, alhamdulillah again

3. Went for bedsheet shopping and bought a few to reinvent the look for my room-interior. 
I am all about plain sheets now baby. Next will be the plain curtains

4. Had a blast on my birthday, thanks to my hummingbirds. Will post about it later, promise!

Here's are couple of pictures I managed to snap while we're at Whimsical cafe and Coffee Societe, Publika.

Churros were oily, Cake was by CakeJaln Tiung so obviously it tasted good

Service at Whimsical Publika was friendly 

At Coffee Societe

 The latte and hot C in Coffee Societe were good. OK.
Milky, not that strong and the foam stands for more than half an hour. 
When we were there, we just found out that the cafe was linked to Garage51 in Subang!
So that explains the great coffee taste.


Till the peeps!

No air-cond?

Me and my girl, T, on  my last day in Middlesbrough. Sob sob

I just got back less than a week ago. I arrived at the airport to these. 

My dad even greet me at the arrival gate and escorted me from the immigration to the arrival hall.
Aren't they the cutest? With all the balloons and signboard and everything.  Oh I am one lucky lady!

I came home at 3 am in the morning after we had dinner in airport's KFC. 
I ate like mad. 
With all the fried chicken, wedges, chicken nuggets and Big Apple donuts that N brought with her to celebrate me coming home. I was so hungry so I ate it all. 

Here's a pic before the table went clean

Later at home I served myself one bowl of maggie curry some more. Haha.

Before calling it a night, I took one long shower and get myself ready to finally be with my sweet comfy bed. 
I began to switch on the air conditioner but it made no sound.
I press the button again but it still goes quiet.
Before I realised it, noooooooo
The air conditioner da rosak.
My God,
**Tidur sambil kipas muka pakai tangan**

But again, sleeping at 28 degrees only allows me to slept until 5 pm the next day.  Haha.
I blame the jet lag.

I woke up and went to my mum straight away complaining about the air conditioner.
She said try change the battery and see whether it still working.
I said the remote control is still working but its just the air conditioner doesn't retrieve the signal from the remote. 
I completely ignored her suggestion and wished for my mum to call the electrician instead.
She said tried changing the battery first.
I still insist on calling the electrician part because I ams o sure the remote is still working because I can still see the digital numbers popping on the remote.
My mum just smile and said okay, she will call tomorrow.

Later that evening, she just went in my room  quietly removing the air-cond's remote battery and replace it with a new one while I was actually on the bed typing this post. 

After its done, she points the remote towards the air conditioner and press a button.
And voila, its working!
The air-cond began radiating sweet cold air that brush through my skin like a honey. 
 Then she put the remotes on my dressing table gently and walk out from my room, quietly.
Its like a watching a live cartoon.
And I just laughed at myself 
She can be so funny even in discreet. 

How I love my mum. 

xoxo. Love you

Bursting Bubble

Hello, Its been awhile. But hey, I'm' here.

Honestly I got tons of topic to share with you guys but it seems to evaporate every time my finger hit the laptop. The story just began to ceased after I keep on opening new tab to Google few stuffs or check my email.

Quick updates on my end; I submitted my thesis in September, been travelling back and forth ever since and my family came for my graduation day last November. Everything was good and colourful. Will blog about it later. Couldn't actually share the stories without the photos.

I'm typing this post at almost 4 am in the morning because simply I just miss writing and the thought of coming back home to Malaysia just daunts on me.

As a student, I love living in the UK . I love the ambiance, the professionalism  and the system reliability it offers. Plus, I'm always surrounded by my awesome people and Europe is just 30 GBP away!
If you would've ask me 6 months ago about the idea coming back to Malaysia, I would've say NO. But now it seems just about time. I wouldn't say that I had enough of the Great Britain. I think no one can ever get enough of the British or London. But I would have just say that maybe its about time to come home.

I miss my room, I mean I love my room so of course I miss it, I have started making mini interior plans to change it's look. Despite the tragic plane crash, the floods, the heat and the constant political conspiracy theory, I love Malaysia. However its the reality awaits that gets me. The pessimistic people, the family, the past issues, the unwanted future planning and all the negativity that comes with it. I have to say being in the UK sort of takes me away from all of that and allow me to be alone in my bubble of happiness.

The possibility of encountering my nemesis, the pessimist, your ex, and all the arrogant idiots by chance narrows my thought down to blerghhhh. I know its not inevitable but still there's a chance, And lets not forget the constant internal domestic issues raging on every aspect of our existence that we call life. Sometimes I wonder how I survived all that before coming to UK? To be honest, I prayed. I pray a lot for strength. And gracefully God granted me them. I found my tower of strength back in Malaysia but here I found happiness.

Coming home means leaving my happiness here. Leaving my bubble here. Leaving my positive self here. I couldn't take the new me home. She won't fit the circle I am living in. She won't. I know this.
However I am grateful God granted me the past year of blissful journey. I felt really bless to have experience such peace and happiness. I planned on posting this post  to remind me of what it feels like to be happy once upon a time here.

God will always be fair to His servants. I would have never doubt His judgement. Trusting them is what brought me here in the first place. I'm not sharing this post with the idea of me coming back would consist of regal celebration of balloons and laughter all the way. I would only humbly hope that my journey coming home will be a smooth sail and greeted with a calm heart, insyaAllah.

Till then, xoxo

Saltburn by-the-sea, North Yorkshire


My munchkin girlfriends and I went to Saltburn to get a little breeze of the beach.
And oh boy,  what a breeze!
It was more like a mini tornado blowing at in our direction constantly, making us simply moving forward was a struggle.
But the view was beyond magnificent.

Thank you for tuning in peeps!